July 14, 2024 (Sunday) - Camuiguin Island, Philippines

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CAMIGUIN is one of the most scenic and beautiful island in the Philippines. Located in Northern Mindanao Region between Cagayan De Oro City, Balingoan in particular and Bohol Island facing Municipality of Jagna in Visayas, Philippines.

It is also known as the Island Born Of Fire and very famous for its sweet Lanzones fruit and Pastel delicacy. The island also showcased almost everything a traveller and outdoor enthusiast wants - exploration, mountain running, biking, hiking, swimming, diving, free diving, island or waterfalls hopping, family vacation or just a quality bonding with your loved ones.

This year will be 2nd edition of Camiguin Island Trail Race held at the Municipality of Mambajao on July 14, 2024 (Sunday), the race schedule is also in celebration of founding anniversary or “Araw ng Mambajao” in Camiguin. Always part of the international umbrella of International Trail Running Association (ITRA) in Europe and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) in France, and part of the international race calendar of American Trail Running Association (ATRA) in Colorado, USA.

Distances & Slots

*10km - 100 slots
*25km - 100 slots
*50km - 50 slots only!!

Gunstart & Cut-off

*10km - 5:30am Sunday - 4 hours cut-off (9:30am Sunday)
*25km - 4:00am Sunday - 8 hours cut-off (12nn Sunday)
*50km - 1:00am Sunday - 16 hours cut-off (5pm Sunday)


*10km distance - the route is designed for all ages, doable for kids and seniors. Starting at the Municipal Ground of Mambajao going up to Katibawasan Waterfalls, this will marked as the 5km distance or turning point. The race course are mixed 2km trail and the rest is pavement (out & back) with 4 hours to finish.

*25km distance - the route is designed for the beginners, half marathoner. First you need to go to Katibawasan Waterfalls then Heritage Park (2 nd Aid Station) then your turning point is just 1km from heritage park, to complete the 25km distance going back to finish line. The race course are 80% pavement with 8 hours to finish.

*50km distance - the race course was designed to explore Camiguin Island on foot with only 50km distance loop. Runners will experience the scenic beauty of the island, from the starting point at Mambajao Municipal Ground to Heritage Park, to Tuasan Falls, to Soda Cold Spring, to Sunken Cemetery (can be seen along the course), to Old Volcano, to Mt. Hibok-hibok Peak, then Crater Lake of Mt. Hibok- hibok, then Yumbing, and back to Mambajao Municipal ground, our finish line. Only 15km trail and 35kms pavement, with 17 hours cut-off time. Participants at least 42km trail/mountain marathon finisher within 6 months, from December to May 2024, and good condition, physically fit to run.


*10km distance - x2, around 4km at the junction Katibawasan Falls.

*25km distance - x4, 4km at the junction Katibawasan Falls, and 12.5km at Heritage Park.

*50km distance - x7, 1 st around 4km at the junction of Katibawasan Falls, 2nd around 10.5km at Heritage Park, 3rd around 19km Bura Multipurpose Court, 4th around 28km at junction Tangub, Aid Station 5/6 around 32km/39km at the foot or water source of Mt. Hibok-hibok, 7th around 43km junction highway Circumferential and Agoho road.


*Only cash bond of P1,000, refundable/returned on the race kit claiming or after you cross the finish line.



Gcash Numbers
Candice Espinas - 09176393133
Gilbert Grado - 09177060819


*Starts - April 15, 2024 (12nn) *Ends - May 31, 2024 (6pm) *First come, first served! Thank you!
*Email photo/screen shoot of Gcash Cash Bond of P1,000 to with details below and subject “Camiguin Island Trail Race”. Thank you! ;)

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INCASE OF EMEREGENCY (guardian or parent)
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*Please take note! We will not accept registration of 50km category “Without 42km Trail/Mountain Race Experience within 6 months, from December to May 2024.

*Once again this race has “NO REGISTRATION FEE” , with best and quality entitlements. :)


-Trail Fees
-High Quality Finisher Shirt
-High Quality Finisher's Medal
-Trophies - Top 3 Finishers (male & female), all categories
-International Trail Running Association (ITRA) in Europe runners performance points
-Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) in France index race points
-Asia Trail Master championship series candidate race
-Food or Snacks


1.Hydration Pack - at least 1.5 liters (all categories)
2. Whistle - remember the drill
3. Jacket - light & water proof
4. Gloves - use in mountaineering/trailrunning
5. Headwear - anything that covers your head, protects you from cold
6. Trail Food - with ziplock and can last from AS to AS (all categories)
7. Cellphone - with load and fully charge battery (all categories)
8. MedKit - for LBM, stomach-ache, headache, etc.
9. Extra Money - for emergency transpo & snacks at the local store (all categories)
10. Headlamp - with extra battery for 25km and 50km only.


At least you run for the 10km distance. Must be 18 years of age for the 25km & 50km category, if not, must provide parent consent and must have current Medical Certificate (2024 July issue). 50km category participants should have at least 42km distance trail/mountain experience (finisher race) within 6 months and not a whiner.


Participants from outside Mindanao, like Cebu, Manila, you can book your flight direct to Camiguin Airport in Mambajao, we have daily flight Cebu - Camiguin (vice- versa). Then International/Foreign Participants you can take flight at Mactan-Cebu International Airport or Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, and then take second flight to Cebu then Camiguin. Then upon your arrival in Mambajao Camiguin Airport you can take motorcycle/rela going to Mambajao Municipal ground, our venue.

Other possible way to get on the island is land trip by bus then by Ferry, Balingoan to Binoni from Mindanao side and Jagna to Balbagon from Bohol side or Visayas area. If you're lost and need direction, you can contact these numbers Candice Espinas, 09176393133 and Gilbert Grado - 09177060819.

Prepared by:
Race Director & Mountain Guide
Founder Vertical To Sky (V2S) Sports
Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber: +63-9255566692


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