October 22, 2022 - Matanao Davao Del Sur

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Matanao Mountain Marathon is the 1st ever mountain running event in the Municipality of Matanao, Davao Del Sur on 22nd October 2022 to be held at Tourism Building, Sitio Talambato, Barangay Asbang, Matanao Davao Del Sur.
The race is only composed of two (2) distances - 21km for the beginners and 42km for the professionals.
This race will showcase most of the tourist destinations and highlights of Matanao -famous beautiful caves, hidden gems of waterfalls, and scenic peaks & ridges.

Distances & Slots

*21km - 100 runners only
*42km - 50 runners only


For Local Registration (PHP)
21km category - P1,800
42km category - P2,800

*For International Athletes (USD)
21km category - $40
42km category - $60


*Starts - August 1, 2022
*Ends - September 22, 2022


  1. Email your deposit/payment slip to
  2. We will send you a confirmation email along with your waiver and reference number that you need for the registration form.
  3. Fill out the form completely through the link below and submit.

  4. Registration Form

  5. You will then receive an email from V2S for the status of your registration within 24 hours.


*Tourist Spot Fee
*Logistics (hauling, food, fluids, etc.)
*Refreshments (all aid stations)
*Trail Fees (markings, etc.)
*High Quality Event Tees (Asian Sizing - XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) - both categories
*High Quality Finisher Shirt (Asian Sizing - XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) - both categories
*Finisher's Medal - both categories
*Trophies - Top 3 Finishers (male & female), both categories
*International Trail Running Association (ITRA) in Europe Performance Points
*Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) in France Qualifying Points
*FREE SLOTS for the Male & Female Champions, both categories for the next V2S Mountain Race in Mindanao, Philippines
*No Cash Prize!!!


*42km - 4:30am Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 12 hours to finish (or 4:30pm Saturday)

*21km - 5:30am Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 8 hours to finish (or 1:30pm Saturday)


*21km runners - 3 aid stations
*42km runners - 7 aid stations



*Deposit: BPI Savings Account -2149 1983 53
*Account Name: Romualdo B. Calbes
*Swiftcode: BOPIPHMM
*Branch Address: BPI Bank Matina Branch, Davao City, Philippines 8000
*Holder Address: Ma-a Davao City, Philippines

*Via Palawan Express Padala or M.Lhuillier
*Romualdo B. Calbes
Ma-a Davao City 8000

*Send Entry Fee via Paypal Account:


21KM TRAIL ROUTE *Tourism Building - Su’bon Cave - Mount Lamabal - Seven Waterfalls - Fetam Waterfalls - Fetam Klego Waterfalls - Underground River - Soliman Cave & Waterfalls (turning point) - then back

*Tourism Building - Su’bon Cave - Mount Lamabal - Seven Waterfalls - Fetam Waterfalls - Fetam Klego Waterfalls - Underground River - Soliman Cave & Waterfalls - Labas Bantong Falls - Sfot Cave - Stafong Sol Cave - Asbang Faksol Cave - Skyfall Peak - Dats Cave - Fernz Mountain - Unknown Peak (not that high) - Unknown Peak (not that easy) - Unknown Peak (slightly hard with lovely switchback trail) - D’Farm View Mountain Resort (turning point) - then back

*From your gunstart at Asbang Tourism Building (start/finish) its only 1km dirtroad running to Su’Bon Cave, then from Su’bon Cave a 2kms single track going up to Mount Lamabal peak (360 view), then from the peak a 3kms single track or ridge view going to Seven Falls, in between you will find a little community where we put your 1st Aid Station or around 5.5kms from gunstart. From Seven Falls another 2km single track mixed with river crossing you will reach the very scenic Fetam Klego, and then from Fetam Klego another single track going to Soliman Cave & Waterfalls, this is the turning point of 21km runners or the 2nd Aid Station or 10.5km+ from gunstart. It would be pure trail running experience for the 21km participants or the beginner’s category.

*For 42km runners after Soliman Cave & Waterfalls 2nd Aid Station you will then continue running around 200 meters pavement road to connect to the next highlights at Labas Bantong Falls, then from Bantong Falls another single track going to Sfot Cave, Stafong Sol Cave, Asbang Faksol Cave and a very easy climb at Skyfall Peak 360 view then down to Dats Cave, then easy climb again at Fernz Mountain, then going up to the next mountain and down to the highway, the 3rd Aid Station around 17km+ from gunstart. Then another dirtroad and foot trail going to the next scenic mountain and ridges before you reach D’Farm View Mountain Resort or the 4th Aid Station or 42km runner’s turning point or 21km+ from gunstart. This would be a one of kind experience for a trail marathon distance race with 12 hours to finish.


Runners and participants outside Mindanao, Philippines, you can book your flight to nearest airport Davao City Fancisco Bangoy International Airport.
Then from Davao City to Matanao it will only take 2 hours drive or around 90 kilometers away from Davao City, then from Matanao proper another 30 minutes drive going up to the mountains or our venue at the Tourism Building, Sitio Talambato, Barangay Asbang.
Matanao is only 30kms away from Digos City, so if you're coming from Davao City or General Santos City you need to take a bus going to Digos City, then from Digos we have lots of alternative way going to Matanao -by motorcycle, habal-habal, jeepney, etc., then from Matanao proper going to the venue at Barangay Asbang we will arrange transportation to all participants.


Hydration Pack - at least 1.5 liters
Headlamp - with extra battery
Whistle - remember the drill
Wind Breaker - water proof
Trail Food - with ziplock and last from AS to AS
Cellphone - with load and fully charge battery
MedKit - for LBM, stomachache, headache, etc.
Extra Money - use to buy at the local store along the trail and habal-habal ride in case of emergency
Note: Test your gears before coming to the race.


For 42km - at AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4
For 21km - at AS1, AS2
Note: You will pay your own Habal-habal ride; there is no vehicle for DNF participants.

Rules And Regulations


*No refund of registration fee.
*No transfer of slot or selling of slot without knowledge of organizer.
*No upgrade or downgrade of category on the race day.
*No alibi shall be entertained -lost of deposit slip, etc.
*Sending fake deposit slip and lacking the amount paid is subject for absolute disqualification (DQ) and banning in the entire running community.
*Upon payment, do not give task to the organizer or race official to book your flight, etc. This act is subject for absolute disqualification (DQ).
*Upon payment, make sure to submit all necessary requirements. Failure to comply one is not consider as registered runner.
*Upon payment, do not text or call constantly the organizer and race official for your registration. You need to scan email the deposit slip, other requirements, etc. and wait for the confirmation response.
*Upon payment, there is no refund for 42km and 21km entrant who did not qualify (no 21km trail finisher proof or did not inform the Race Director) and yet made the payment, sorry mate no exception.


*The race will proceed rain or shine.
*On check-in, no entry form (with signature), no current medical certificate, no racebib, and other necessary docs, no run. Mandatory Gear check-in will be on October 22, 2022, 2:30am @ Tourism Building, Sitio Talambato, Barangay Asbang, Matanao Davao Del Sur , our venue. *No hydration pack for 100km, 50km and 75k, no run.
*No mandatory equipment, no run.
*No ziplock for trailfood, no run. Let us avoid a single drop of wrapper or garbage in the wild and on the race route.
*No pacer allowed. You are your own. (except if you have previous history of illness, inform immediately the organizer)
*No trail cutting or shortcuts, runners should run on designated markers only. This will prevent maximum impact. Caught violating is absolutely disqualified and out of the course.
*No race bib, no run. Your bib must be worn and visible all the time.
*No drop-off bag for 50km and 75km runners. Only baggage counter near starting line.

*You can use trekking pole but I advise 2. This will avoid side/joint pain and trail imbalance.
*If you decide not to continue, you should inform the visible crew and walk to the nearest AID Station or DNF Point (see DNF point at Race Details) for your own safety and transport.
*If you have complain or protest against cheating, violation of rules and misconduct (ex. contacts, shouting on trails, tampering of markers, disrespect to the locals and personnel, etc.) you should put it into writings within 1 hour you cross the finish line and pay the LOYALTY Fee of PHP700.00.


*21km and 42km runners should check-in their respective bib number 1-2 hours before gun start.
*1st Checkpoint for 21km runners (5 hours from gunstart/10:30am) @ Soliman Cave & Waterfalls or Aid Station 2 (turning point), around 10km+ from gunstart. Then 2nd checkpoint at the finish line 1:30pm, another 3 hours from turning point, total of 8 hours cut-off for 21km category
*1st Checkpoint for 42km runners (6 hours from gunstart/10:30am) @ D’Farm View Mountain Resort or Aid Station 4 (turning point), around 21km+ from gunstart. Then 2nd checkpoint @ Soliman Cave & Waterfalls at 2pm (plus 3 hours and 30 mins from D’Farms), and 3rd checkpoint at the finish line at 4:30pm, total of 12 hours cut-off for 42km category.
No bib or lost of bib number are not allowed to run the entire race course.
Only the time of cut-offs are made to be final -for Race Result and for your personal/course record, nothing more nothing less.


*The Race Director/Technical Race Director can stop the race at any moment for the safety of runners and participants.
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director can change, postpone or cancel the race schedule due to typhoon, fire, force majeure, etc. for the safety of runners and other participants.
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director, Race Officials and Personnel can change the designated post, checkpoints, turning points, etc. due to bad weather for the safety of runners and other participants.
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director can change the venue (start & finish), race course, aid station location, assigned crew and marshals for the benefit and safety of runners and other participants.
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director can impose disqualification to those runners who started late without prior consent.
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director, Race Officials and Personnel can impose disqualification to any runners who caught cheating, riding a “habal-habal”, bike, off-road jeep, personal vehicle or any means of transportation. (ex. horse, cow, carabao, etc.).
*The Race Director/Technical Race Director, Race Officials and Personnel can impose disqualification who are caught tampering the trail markings (changing and taking off), disrespect to race officials and fellow runners, shouting on trails, and other misconduct.


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