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5 months ago when the global pandemic (covid-19) hit the world, everything changed. Companies, businesses, government offices, even leisure was put to a halt. When lockdown were implemented, people struggled to adjust to isolation. All were asked to avoid being outside, even if it means being with friends and family. Sports and wellness, especially the running community events is unfortunately not excluded. We learned to adapt and made each day count, hoping that one day we can all run free again.
Lately as the world started on its reset, people are going back outside but have to live with the new normal. With the Covid19 still around, events like marathons are still prohibited. Now Race Directors came up with a solution to support athletes and running enthusiasts get into competitive sport again. The "Virtual Challenge" is now conducted in most activities that involve running, biking, hiking, walking, etc, it is an online platform that will temporarily replace the running events until everything is back how it used to be.
This year we introduce the 1st edition of V2S Virtual Race, entitled the "Three-Thousanders”, a 200km run with only 3,000 meters of elevation gain, in just 20 days cut-off! Starts August 11, 2020 and finish on 31st same month.


*Single entry and only 1 category
*200km distance, 3,000 meters of elevation gain, 20 days cut-off.
*Gunstart or submission of 1st run starts 9AM (Philippine time) August 11, 2020 and finish on 9AM August 31, 2020.
*Counting of your mileage or run tally starts on your submission, not on the time you started running (ex. 4am), and ends on 9AM 31st August 2020, the cut-off time and date.
*The goal is to reach 3,000 meters of elevation gain, with minimum distance of 200 kilometers in 20 days.
*Everyone can join and no age limit but below 15 yrs old must have parents consent. The organizing committee will provide the form.
*Participants must have Smartphone with updated Strava Apps as official requirements on our exclusive Strava Group; and also for the record of your everyday distance tally submission.
*Participants must possess a Personal Facebook Account with active Messenger, all updates and communications are based on social media platforms –V2S Facebook Page, Group Chat, and Instagram.
*Participants must submit daily (if any) log-in as entry of their runs with picture (selfie) for updates and tally purposes.
*Participants must complete the 3,000 meters of elevation gain with minimum distance of 200km, on or before 9AM of 31st August 2020. If you can finish it within 2 days, that’s lovely! 
*If you cannot complete the 3,000 meters elevation gain or the 200km distance on August 31, 2020 9AM cut-off, you will consider DNF (did not finish), so plan ahead, explore the nearest hills, buildings or mountains at your home town.
*Virtual Race Briefing on August 10, 2020 at 3PM Philippine time.


*Running, walking, crawling are counted as part of your log-in entry or mileage tally.
*Running on the uphill roads is counted as your elevation mileage.
*Running on stairs indoor or outdoor is considered.
*Running on stairs in a two (2) story building (minimum) or house is considered.
*Running solo on trails and mountains are absolutely counted.
*Running with trekking poles on mountains and uphill roads are allowed.
*Running with your friends or team mates with a face mask on and 2 meters gap is counted.
*Running in the morning, afternoon, and evening or having a multiple runs in 1 day is counted.
*Running in the evening until morning is allowed as long as you don’t have town curfew.
*Running using smart watch like Garmin, Suunto, Coros, etc and transfer it to Strava Apps is allowed as long as the altimeter is accurate.
*Running using handy GPS gadget is absolutely counted if it’s transferable at Strava Apps.
*All your runs shall be posted in Public and can be exported to GPX file.
*Participants must submit daily entry (if any) on or before 8PM on 11th August 2020, starts of your mileage tally and updates. Beyond 8PM is considered next day tally.
*Participants must submit 1 picture every run with Strava Screenshot for update and record purposes. Two (2) runs a day, two pictures will be submitted –selfie and strava screenshot.
*Hell repeat up to 100 times to get the 3,000 meters elevation gain and 200km distance in 1 go is counted.


*Biking, motorcycle & vehicle riding, or any forms of rides using animals like ostrich, horses; carabao, etc are considered cheating.
*Treadmill running is not allowed. You should be outside your doorstep.
*Climbing on walls before or after you run is not considered as elevation mileage.
*Biking then running afterwards (either way) using only 1 data is not acceptable as your distance tally.
*Running in the morning and paused your watch or apps then continue running in the afternoon is not allowed, you should be doing it twice.
*Alibi will not be entertained if you don’t have mileage on several days, your run will precede rain or storm.
*Giving your watch or smartphone to other runner and act like you did it is absolutely cheating.
*Tampering the data of your runs and transfer it in your Strava is another way of cheating. Let’s be honest, even if others are not! :)


*Starts – July 29, 2020

*Ends – August 10, 2020


*Local – P650 php only

*International - $15 usd only


*Printable Race Bib
*Finisher’s Medal from Medalab Malaysia
*Finisher’s Virtual Certificate
*Virtual Hug from RD and Organizing Team

Note: No cash prize and all finishers will shoulder the shipment or delivery of medal outside Davao.



*Deposit: BPI Savings Account -2149 1983 53
*Account Name: Romualdo B. Calbes
*Swiftcode: BOPIPHMM
*Branch Address: BPI Bank Matina Branch, Davao City, Philippines 8000
*Holder Address: Ma-a Davao City, Philippines

*Via Palawan Express Padala or M.Lhuillier
*Romualdo B. Calbes
Ma-a Davao City 8000

*Send Entry Fee via Paypal Account:


  1. Email your deposit/payment slip to with the following details.
    Complete Name:
    Email Add:
    Contact No.:
  2. Then we will send you an email confirmation of your registration.

    Good luck and thank you!




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